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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

By booking your child into a session online you are signing against our terms and conditions.

  1. On booking, all participants MUST sign the waiver before your booking is confirmed.

  2. We capture your address and other personal information for the purposes of your safety and protection and to help ensure effective child protection within our policies.  Further details on how we process, store and manage your information can be found in our privacy policy.

  3. Please be aware we operate CCTV on the premises for your safety and protection, please refer to our privacy policy for further information.

  4. Under 16’s must always be supervised by a responsible adult on-site.

  5. All users of the inflatable MUST watch the safety video IN FULL prior to participating. (While every effort has been made to make this recording broadly accessible, we welcome constructive feedback from our customers on any improvements you feel might be made in this regard.)

  6. You must observe all ‘Rules or Play’ as displayed on boards around the building and as per the safety video.

  7. Do NOT move or re-position any equipment or crash matting.

  8. No food, drinks or gum are to be consumed on the inflatable (to avoid choking).

  9. All shoes, badges and jewellery (e.g. large earrings, necklaces, etc.) must be removed to avoid damage to the equipment and injury to other users. It is recommended that spectacles and plastic alice bands are also removed. Adults must remove high-heeled shoes before stepping on mats.

  10. Please note the inflatable has a load limit and as such session times must be adhered to avoid overcrowding.

  11. Do not allow children to take any hard or sharp objects onto the equipment, or anything large enough to block exits/entrances.

  12. Do not allow children to take balloons onto the equipment (burst balloons and strings can be a choking hazard).

  13. The Doves Play Barn are committed to the mutual enjoyment of all guests and participants and as such reckless or boisterous behaviour shall not be tolerated.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave without explanation should our staff feel that our terms of use are being infringed.  If you are unhappy with this decision, appeal and complaint may only be made in writing to: We have 14 Days to investigate and reply in writing and these findings shall be full and final.

  14. Aggressive behaviour towards other customers and/or our staff SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED, and you shall be asked to leave. (see point 13 for full procedure following this type of incident.

  15. All accidents and incidents should be reported to a member of staff and they will assist appropriately administering first aid as required and taking down details and reporting accordingly.

  16. NO Climbing, hanging, or sitting on the walls, netting or sides of the equipment.  Misuse of the equipment may result in the termination of your session and you may be asked to leave.

  17. As per your signed waiver The Doves Play Barn bare no responsibility or liability for accident or misadventure on the premises whatsoever.

  18. Do not block access to the entrances and exits to the inflatable.

  19. No-one with a pre-existing medical condition is allowed on the inflatable unless medical advice has been sought.

  20. No-one who is pregnant is allowed on the inflatable.

  21. Do not tamper with Blowers, or any equipment in ‘staff only’ areas.

  22. Should a session be cancelled or curtailed due to reasons beyond our control such as equipment failure or an emergency evacuation you shall be offered a future alternative session free of charge.  We are unable to process refunds in these circumstances.

  23. To ensure your safe experience, please report any maintenance or safety concerns to a member of staff as soon as you become aware of them.

  24. We are committed to the protection and safety of children, and so should you witness something which gives you cause for concern please report it to a member of staff immediately and they will follow up with our Child Protection Lead for further investigation.

  25. We operate regular checks and maintenance of our toilets and facilities.  However, any concerns regarding cleanliness or hygiene should be reported to a member of staff.

  26. No non-walkers allowed on the inflatable play equipment at any time. 

  27. All players ages 5 and under MUST be supervised on a ratio of 1:1 by another participant over the age of 16. 

  28. We do advise no under 5's participate during peak sessions. 

  29. SEN participants must be supervised by their carers on the equipment itself at all times.

  30. Online discounts may be introduced at certain times of the year. these will be at The Doves Playbarn discretion we regret that tickets purchased prior to release of an offer or after an offer has expired cannot be refunded or reduced regardless of the date of visit or time of purchase.



All bookings are non-refundable and any deposits made are also non-refundable. Refunds will only be issued if a mistake has been made by Doves Playbarn which results in you being overcharged. If you believe a refund should be provided then please send written (email or letter) confirmation within 7 days of making your payment. This communication must include your Full Name and Address, Booking Reference, Payment Amount, Payment Type and reason for the refund request.


Refund requests can be sent to:

The Doves Play Barn

Furners Green,
Uckfield, East Sussex,
TN22 3RG


If you wish to discuss a refund request in more detail then please call us on 01825 790424

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